Wholesale is available for ALL Handmade Graphic Tees and Tumblers!! BUSINESS OWNERS ONLY, in order to purchase items for wholesale you MUST be able to prove your business, sales permit, etc.


Graphic Tees: $10 MOQ OF 2

Crewnecks: $18 MOQ OF 2 (unless bundled with Graphic Tees)

Car Diffusers: $3 MOQ of 2

Once your blank tees are delivered, they will be pressed and packed for shipment. Turnaround time varies from 2-7 business days!

There is NO refunds, returns, exchanges, etc. on ANY item due to them being made to order!! 

If a package is lost, damaged, delivered to the wrong address, etc. during shipping Spurs & Spades IS NOT responsible and we will not replace the items lost!! Please double check your shipping address to insure shipping goes smoothly. 

If you would like to talk about wholesale for your business you can contact me on instagram or email!

Instagram: @spursandspades

Email: spursandspades@gmail.com